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Germantown Gives!

November 21, 2012

Historic Germantown and Face to Face are excited to announce our First Annual Germantown Gives Holiday Charity Drive!

Here at Historic Germantown we wanted to develop a December holiday program. After discussing our options, we were by no means short of great ideas.  We took a step back and genuinely thought about everyone’s time during this busy season.  In December social calendars fill up with children’s school programs, religious gatherings, family obligations, and holiday parties.  Do we really want to add another function to the growing list!?  With that thought, we went a different direction for a holiday program and focused our efforts to impact!  After a successful year of programming and events, we decided that we should give back to the community who has kept us energized and motivated to continue our mission at HG.  We wanted to take our goals of sharing and preserving history and emphasize it with community involvement and improvement.  Our efforts would best serve Germantown by partnering with a local organization that is helping folks and impacting lives every day.  Pilar Yeakel, our Operations Manager, connected us with Face to Face and a new partnership was formed. 

Face to Face is a local non-profit human services organization dedicated to the health, well-being, and stability of our community.  Through their hospitality they provide a safe environment and practical tools which enable the people of our community to confront personal challenges, empower their lives, and fulfill their unique potential.  Face to Face started as a soup kitchen here in Germantown in 1985 and has evolved into a multi-faceted organization.  They not only provide nourishment for folks, but also health and legal services as well as creative outlets and children’s programming.

After speaking with Face to Face, we learned that they are in need of small/travel sized personal care items for the guests they serve. (i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, conditioner, etc.)  We are asking everyone to please help support this local organization by searching your cupboards, picking up some items at the store, and dropping off what you can to any open Historic Germantown site or The Chelten Plaza Citibank.  There will be large white boxes labeled Germantown Gives! Let’s overflow them with donations!!

We have so many wonderful members, followers, contributors, and funders at Historic Germantown that this is a great opportunity to give back and use our networks to provide more exposure for Face to Face.  Please join us in donating items to help make this drive a success and truly give back to the community in which we live, work, and love.

Many thanks in advance!

visit to learn more about the organization.

Check out the great write-up in Newsworks at the site below:

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