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Ghosts of the Great Road

October 10, 2012

I moved to the neighborhood last year.  As a Halloween thrill-seeker, I began my search for haunted houses and attractions.  I didn’t have to look far.  There were several events happening right here in Germantown!  I purchased tickets for the Ghosts of the Great Road: Colonial Compound Tour to see what haunts the neighborhood had to offer!

It was a fall evening, in the latter part of October.  We parked our car along Germantown Avenue and strolled up the busy road to meet our tour at Upsala.  It is hard to imagine the street so long ago without all of the traffic, streetlights and everyday noises that we have all grown accustomed to.  We tried to clear our heads and put ourselves in the setting of the Old German Township to prepare for our evening.  It was not hard to spot where the tour would begin and who was the guide.  The appearance of a scholarly gentleman dapperly dressed in period clothing and sporting a top hat was a clear sign that “Hey! The Historic Ghost Tour starts over here!”

As folks began to appear out of the darkness from every angle, the tour came together.  It was made up of families, students, and Ghost Hunters.                 No, seriously, the real deal ghost hunters with equipment and everything!  Not knowing what the tour would be like we intently listened to our guide as he began to share the history of The Great Road and the unexplained tales that happened along it. 

Our guide was B. Franklin Kirk of Kirk and Nice Funeral Homes, a character from the longstanding carpentry business that began in Germantown in the mid 1800’s.  He gave each of us a set of dowsing rods to help us in finding the spirits that were all around us.  We strolled up the avenue stopping on the street corners as B. Franklin Kirk shared haunting stories about what took place inside the dwellings and on the properties where we stood.  After about an hour we made our way back to the gates of Cliveden where I thought we would hear our last story, but was excited to see that we were going to enter the grounds!  The path was dark and seemed longer than I had remembered.  The wind blew and the cars grew distant as we moved closer to the massive Chew Mansion.  After a short while of exploring the property with our ghost hunting gear we were invited to enter.  “This is Great,” I thought, the spirits of the Chew family and the soldiers who died on these grounds during the Revolutionary War were surely present on this chilly October evening.  I had been inside the home and toured a few rooms on the first floor, but on this private Ghost Tour we were able to explore the entire mansion in search of Spirits.  After hearing some eerie tales of seances and dying soldiers, we separated into smaller groups allowing us to silently search for the spirits that still live in the house.

Order your tickets today if you are brave enough to meet the Ghosts of Germantown!

October 13th at 3pm, Market Square Tour, 5501 Germantown Ave.

October 13th at 6pm, Colonial Compound Tour, 6430 Germantown Ave.

October 19th at 6pm, Colonial Compound Tour, 6430 Germantown Ave.

October 26th at 5:30pm, Colonial Compound Tour, 6430 Germantown Ave.

Please visit to order tickets today!

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