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Miniature Glimpse of Germantown History

July 12, 2012

Once upon a time, Alfred C. Marple lived in a house at 5355 Lena Street near the intersection of Lena and Coulter Streets in Germantown. This house has been preserved–albeit in miniature form–thanks to Marple himself, who built his daughter Mabel a doll-sized house to match  their life-sized home.

Left: Replica of 5355 Lena Street.
Right: Modern-day view of the actual house.

The dollhouse, constructed circa 1900, offers a charming glimpse into turn-of-the-century living. The first and second floors are lushly decorated with intricately patterned wallpaper and carpets. Two small dogs wait patiently by the entryway while various dolls inhabit the rest of the house, which includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedrooms. The house was also wired to allow for electric lights, carefully installed in the ceilings.

View of the dollhouse’s interior.



The dollhouse was later graciously donated to the Germantown Historical Society by Mabel’s daughter.

Curious? Stop by and check out other fascinating objects in the collections. Germantown Historical Society, located at 5501 Germantown Avenue, will be open to the public for Second Saturday,  12 PM – 4 PM this weekend.

Image credit: Janice Galer.

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