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Rook at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust

September 16, 2011

Looking down at a hand of Rook cards, you may wonder, where are the familiar faces? The Ace, Spade, Club and Jack are noticeably missing from the 57 card deck. Rook cards were introduced for the benefit of members of certain religions, such as the Mennonites, who viewed face cards in a regular deck as inappropriate because of their association with gambling and fortune-telling. They happily filled the void with a game that was played like cards but did not use the standard deck.

We at Historic Germantown invite you to take part in this interesting and lasting tradition on September 24, at the Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust, for the Rook Tournament and Community Festival! Rook, the classic card game, has elements of everything from bridge to pinochle with lots of trumping and trick-taking. The event on the 24th will be just as exciting! You can expect an afternoon full of BBQ, live jazz music, and family activities throughout the day including a card tournament for both kids and adults! The Festival and Tournament starts on 11AM.  For more information call 215.843.0943.

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