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The Night Market was a Success!

August 5, 2011

Just north of Historic Germantown a huge crowd of foodies, friends and families showed up for the “Night Market” in Mt. Airy. What turned out to be a full event (in more ways than one!) was the most recent installment in the Food Trust’s initiative.

Night Markets “introduce attendees to the city’s diverse array of restaurants and gourmet food trucks and its coolest neighborhoods,” as stated by the Food Trust’s Press Release. The large crowd of visitors and locals alike milled up and down Germantown Avenue, experiencing a new side to the National Historic Landmark. While the main reason people came out was the food, the event was more than those 25 food vendors: with 5 crafting vendors, 4 bands, and 2 stages the event took on a street fair atmosphere that lasted until 10 PM.

Local restaurants also participated in the event! Avenida, UmbriaGeechee Girl Rice Café,  Earth Bread & BreweryMcMenamin’sTrolley Car Diner, and Wine Theif among others were extremely busy last night.

All in all, last night was a great time. Now that you know all the delicious places to eat and drink in Mt. Airy, we encourage you to come back soon and make a day of it! Stop by some of our sites to get a taste for the more historical side of the Avenue, only blocks from Mt. Airy towards Center City!

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