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Awbury hosts Artology!

July 28, 2011

Visit Awbury Arboretum  July 28th-August 3rd to see the outdoor exhibit by 4th – 8th grade “Artologists” titled  “Living Walls”. The Artology exhibit, located at Awbury’s Chew Avenue Gateway is a lively interpretation of ecology, design, and community. The outdoor sculpture, which will be on view for 1 week, is the culminating event of Artology’s two-week summer camp session.

Their exhibit explores the idea of creating green space as ground space disappears. They utilize their constructed walls to add flowers- both live and made of clay- and paintings of nature. The glass panes attached to these walls “reflect thoughts of the earth” and have paintings ranging from the Phillies logo to the trees in their own backyard! Everything was tied together with blue wire to represent water, which demonstrates unity.

Artology is a Germantown based art and science summer learning program with emphasis on ecology and environmental justice. Awbury, however, is not the only Historic Germantown site to participate in this unique partnership with Artology. Cliveden was also hosted an Artology exhibit in July, which was installed on their grounds and visible from Germantown Avenue. This creative partnership between Artology and Historic Germantown sites will serve to further the missions of both organizations, strengthen Germantown community connections, and jumpstart a future of further collaboration.

 Awbury is free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset. It is located in East Germantown, on either side of Washington Lane between Chew Avenue and Ardleigh Street.

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