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Urban Bike Tour Makes Stops in Historic Germantown

July 27, 2011

The East Coast heat wave may have steam-rolled Philadelphia this past week, but the Weaver’s Way Bike Tour on Saturday decided to roll on! With the heat topping 100 degrees, a crowd of over 100 people made their way to Awbury Arboretum. Awbury, a Historic Germantown site, was not only a starting and ending point for the event, but also served as an urban farm to peruse. The group then was split up into two- the more adventurous began their 25 mile trek from Germantown to various parts of Kensington, South Philly, West Philly, North Philly & Roxborough while the other group took a decidedly less intensive route.

While en route, the bike tour made a stop at another Historic Germantown site: Wyck. Wyck’s farmland and garden is usually unbeknownst to many walking down Germantown Avenue. During their stop, the bikers were able to see the agricultural life nestled within the busy avenue. Wyck encourages you to see this treasure as well, and is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 1-4PM.

Despite the length difference, both tours were able to ride through many of Philadelphia’s unique and vibrant neighborhoods and engage in inspiring talks with Philadelphia’s pioneering urban farmers. And, as written by the Mt Airy Patch and Newsworks, everyone had a great time!

If you want to read more about Bike Tours in Germantown, read about the Historic Germantown Bike Tour last month!

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