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Visit Historic Germantown during the Summer of Washington!

July 22, 2011

As part of the National Constitution Center’s Summer of Washington, Historic Germantown wants you to see Freedom’s Backyard through Washington’s eyes.

Although all Historic Germantown sites have rich histories and either strong or subtle connections to our first president, three sites in particular are featured by the National Constitution Center as places to visit to truly experience the Summer of Washington.

Visit Stenton, one of the earliest and best preserved historic houses in Philadelphia (and the location of this promotional video!). George Washington stayed here with his troops in August 1777 prior to the Battle of Brandywine. A family almanac in the collection references Washington’s stay at Stenton.

Visit Cliveden, the main site of the action of the Battle of Germantown. On October 4, 1777, Washington and his troops attempted to liberate the British-occupied capital. Washington was unsuccessful and today the house bears the scars of the battle. Visitors can learn about the battle’s place in the Revolutionary War and find out more about life in colonial Philadelphia.

And visit the Germantown White House, the refuge of George Washington during the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1793. He returned the next summer for a welcome retreat for him and his family near Philadelphia, the Federal Capital. Continuing the business of government, he held four cabinet meetings here.

For more information on the events of the Summer of Washington, check out this article. And for more information on planning a visit to Historic Germantown, stop by our website!

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