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Cliveden Conversation

July 5, 2011

“This is one of the few places that I feel that the discussions are real and genuine” stated one of the visitors at the Cliveden Conversation on June 30th.

The Cliveden Conversations is a public forum of race, history and memory in Philadelphia. The first Conversation was held on Friday, June 24th to a full house! Titled “The Slave Dwelling Project”, Joseph McGill gave his insight to the night he spent in the newly opened Cliveden Servant Quarters. Visitors engaged in a lively discussion on the legacy of slavery in Germantown. The next week, on Thursday June 30th, Melissa Jest of the Preservation Alliance presented on the subject of “Neighborhood Preservation: A Way to Fight Blight”. Visitors discussed how historic preservation can be used to break the myth that demolition reduces blight. Coming up this Thursday, July 7th from 7PM-9PM,  is a conversation on “George Washington’s Birthplace and the Problem of Building X”. Join Dr. Bruggeman, Director of the Center for Public History at Temple University, for a lively discussion about how historic site interpretation is an accumulation of decisions made over time about what is and what is not worth saying about the past.

This 45 minute presentation is followed by an hour of facilitated discussion. Admission is $5 per Conversation. RSVP kindly requested but not necessary to Cliveden at 215.848.1777

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